The science Behind love

We at Lovelab 101 keep abreast of all relevant scientific publications, so we’re always up to date with the state of play in our field. We continually test and improve our products: in a world full of fake news and self-help snake oil, thorough scientific research is more important than ever.

Scientific research into The Match Test

Our own research into the Match Test (a study involving 137 couples) has shown that a high ‘match score’ is an indicator of longer relationship duration and greater relationship satisfaction. This is good news, as partners tend to get disenchanted with their relationships the longer they’re together; after all, personality differences and other difficult aspects in a relationship tend to become more visible when the rush of passion subsides.

As expected, our own research also shows that newly formed couples tend to be more satisfied with their relationship than long-term partners. However, we found that this did not apply to partners in a long-term relationship who had a high ‘match score’ in our Match Test. Long-term couples with a high ‘match score’ were as mad about each other as couples who’d only just fallen in love.

We came to the following conclusion: the Match Test is a good indicator of the quality of a relationship. This gives us hope that we’ll also be able to help singles find a relationship that suits them. We’re convinced that singles who enter into a relationship with someone they have a high ‘match score’ with will have a greater chance of being satisfied with their partner for the long run.