Meet The team

Lovelab 101 was founded in 2018 by Marcelino Lopez and Tila Pronk, psychologists with years of experience in the field of relationship therapy and driven by a shared desire to help people find a partner they can feel free and happy with. Lovelab 101 is an (online) safe space where singles as well as couples can improve themselves, and their love lives.

Drs Marcelino Lopez

‘ People sometimes get endlessly lost in the labyrinth of their own mind. Love offers a way out ’

Through his work as a psychologist, relationship therapist, dating site owner and popular science author Marcelino has been able to gather valuable insights into all facets of modern-day love. He is the author of two Dutch-language books on love, Liefdesgedoe (‘The Trouble of Love’) and Liefde in tijden van Facebook (‘Love in Times of Facebook’). Regular media appearances have made Marcelino a household name as a love expert in The Netherlands.

Dr Tila Pronk

‘ For as long as I can remember I’ve observed and studied the relationships around me.’

For social psychologist Tila, love is the most entertaining, the most interesting, the most important as well as the most complicated subject there is. Her fascination with the topic led to a career as a love scientist and relationship therapist. Both in her own practice and at Tilburg University, she studies all phases and aspects of love, from (online) dating to the issues faced by couples in long-term relationships. Her book Hartstocht (‘Passion’) was published in 2012. She is a regular guest on TV and radio, notably as an expert on the RTL4 show Married at First Sight.