The Match Test for Professionals and media companies

Do you want to screen and profile unlimited numbers of people for matchmaking purposes? Our scientific Match Test is an online tool that does just that. The full Match Test consists of 320 questions and various subtests that can be adapted to specific wishes and requirements.


How does it work? The Match Test

The Match Test consists of two main tests and various subtests. An individual test (the ‘I’-Test) analyses an individual’s personality and their personal relationship style. A match test (the ‘M’-Test) analyses how well an individual and their current partner match, or, alternatively, matches an individual to other singles. Various factors that impact strongly on love relationships are taken into account:

  • Life story and background
  • Personality and character
  • Relationship patterns and relationship history
  • Preferences for relationship and partner types
  • Sexual preferences
  • Communication and conflict styles
  • Norms and values
  • Daily habits, hobbies and interests

The Match Test Who is it for?

For matchmaking professionals Screen, profile and match!

Do you want to screen and profile unlimited numbers of singles (or couples) for matchmaking purposes? That’s exactly what the Match Test was made for. The Match Test takes the bothersome preliminary work out of your hands so you have time to focus on what really matters. The Match Tests consists of various subtests and can be adapted to your own specific needs and requirements. Ask us what we can do for you!

For media companies Educational entertainment

Do you want to titillate your target audience with a psychological test that will give them valuable insights into the areas of love, relationships and communication? Our tailor-made tests and online courses are both educational and fun. Tests can be adapted to your own specific requirements, geared towards your specific target audience and designed with the look and feel of your company or web site in mind. Ask us what we can do for you!

For relationship therapists and coaches Screening, profiling and training

Do you want to take your relationship therapy or coaching practice to the next level? We provide tailor-made online screening tools, relationship tests, courses and therapeutic interventions. An extra advantage of our Match Test is that it enables you to automatically build up your client files and lets you keep an eye on clients’ progress through a built-in indicator. Ask us what we can do for you!

Ask us What can we do for you?

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Our Clients

The technology behind The Match Test

All data is gathered, analysed and processed by a sophisticated and scientifically tested algorithm.

What are the Advantages?

  • Automatic client registration and client file building
  • Saves time, trouble and paper
  • Ability to process unlimited numbers of individuals
  • Clear individual reports, match reports and rankings
  • Ability to profile and compare singles as well as partnered couples
  • Ability to set exclusion criteria (such as specific body types and personality traits, alcohol or drugs use) to ensure only relevant matches are shown

What's in The Admin panel?

  • Clear overview of relevant user information
  • Filterable listing (and ranking) of clients
  • Filterable listing (and ranking) of matches between clients
  • Individual reports for all clients
  • Clear match reports

What's in the Profile report?

  • A summary of all relevant information
  • Assesment of 50 character traits and relationship habits (such as introversion, need for privacy, self-image, sexual style, ‘market value’)
  • Insights delivered in clearly designed graphs
  • Personal feedback for and about clients
  • A user manual for easy data interpretation
  • An overview of all individual answers for each client

What's in the Match report?

  • A match score: our sophisticated algorithm works out how well different individuals match.
  • 12 sub match scores for various relationship factors, such as background, communication style, relationship patterns, bonding style and sexuality.
  • A summary of most relevant information
  • 50 character traits and relationship habits matched
  • A side-by-side overview of all individual answers for both clients
  • A user manual for easy data interpretation

Extra Features

  • Both test content and structure can be adapted to your needs and requirements
  • Layout can be adapted to create the look and feel you want
  • Possibility to link to an external database
  • Questions and answers can be translated to and shown in various languages

Case Married at First Sight (Holland)

The extremely popular Dutch tv programme Married at First Sight uses our Match Test for singles. The programme’s relationship psychologists and producers use the Match Test for participant registration, screening, profiling and matching.

Case Videoland

Dutch video-on-demand service Videoland uses a small version of the Match Test which allows viewers to evaluate their relationships. The Videoland test consists of 35 questions and is based on the full Match Test. As soon as both partners finish the test they are presented with a personal report containing a match score and relevant advice on a number of relationship factors, enabling Videoland users to improve their relationship.

Other Cases

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