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    Learning about love starts at Lovelab 101

    If you’re looking for a place to improve your relationship skills, Lovelab 101 is right for you: a safe and secure training ground where singles and couples alike can shape their love lives with the help of a team of experienced relationship psychologists.

    What type of relationship is right for you? And what type of partner? What were the pitfalls of your previous relationships and how can you avoid them in the future? How do you go about finding the right partner? And when you find one, how do you keep the passion burning? How do you communicate in a way that brings you and your partner closer?

    Together we’ll address all the questions that shape your love life.

    Lovelab 101 In short

    Do our Match Test and know thyself

    What makes you tick when it comes to love? By doing our Match Test you’ll gather valuable insights into yourself and your relationships. We have a Match Test for singles as well as one for couples.

    Tailor-made online courses

    Self-development and relationship work should be engaging as well as beneficial, otherwise you’ll soon lose interest. Our insights and exercises are easily applied to everyday life. Lovelab 101 puts you on the right track and keeps you focused.

    For matchmaking professionals and media

    Our services are also available for commercial use. We supply questionnaires and mediation for professional relationship therapists, entertaining and educational love quizzes and scientifically based tests.

    Why should I use Lovelab 101?

    Extensive experience in relationship psychology and research into the concept of love | Experts from various fields | Tested and proven strategies | The right balance between functionality and fun | Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

    Unsolicited advice!

    Love isn’t what it used to be. The steps of the modern-day mating dance are anything but straightforward. On our blog, we share insights and advice that can help you gain control of your love life. Educational fun – and all for free.

    The science behind love

    With its huge spectrum of views, philosophies and methods, the world of self-help and coaching can be confusing. Science, clearly, is the best way to separate the wheat from the chaff. We keep up to date with the latest scientific studies and test all our products ourselves.

    Why use Lovelab 101?

    Relationship psychologists with years of experience
    Used by top professionals
    Work independently at your own pace
    Scientifically researched and substantiated
    All the ins & outs of research into relationships
    Tailored to personal needs and preferences
    Face to face coaching available (for singles and couples)
    Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

    Our Clients

    What do Our clients say?

    • Dennis van der Velde

      Ondernemer en ICT-er

      “ Door de Lovelab-cursus leerde ik anders naar mezelf en mijn relaties kijken. Ik ben veel gelukkiger in de liefde. ”

    • Karin Mensen


      “ Eye-opener na eye-opener. Ik zie nu hoe mijn blinde vlekken en onrealistisch verwachtingen een fijne relatie in de weg stonden. ”

    • Marie Valerius

      Grafisch vormgever

      “ Echt een aanrader als je het gevoel hebt dat je in de liefde maar aan het klooien bent. Soms heb je hulp van buitenaf nodig. ”